• Me 50% of the time: I love to run. Green beans are amazing. Who needs cake when I can have strawberries. PROTEIN. Oh my god peanut butter. I have so much energy! This is my fourth bottle of water today. I love being healthy.
  • Me the other 50% of the time: I want to sleep for 6 years. When did my bed become heaven. Why did I eat 3 twinkies. I'm too lazy to put on a bra. Being a girl sucks. I don't feel like exercising.


Um, yeah! Especially being a broke college student, free stuff is awesome, right?! Well there’s this app called AppNana (available for iOS AND androids; you don’t even have to download the app, you can use your mobile web too!), and you can earn bananas by downloading different apps (right after…

Mine is a1152067